Almost getting hit by trains, Superman was called “the whore”, idfk anymore

Date: 9/15/2019

By evp722

I haven’t remembered a dream in a while but boy did I remember this one last night... I was, again, on vacation with my grandparents (that never goes well in my dreams). I was at this train station I think. I was on one side against a concrete wall, and had to cross over a bunch of active train tracks and spaces for cars to go by. It was all under a roof so it was sort of concealed and nobody noticed me crossing, not even the drivers. I started off by walking normal across the first couple tracks, but my body just CRUMPLED TO THE GROUND and I felt like I needed a “I fallen and I can’t get up” button. So I had to slowly crawl over the ACTIVE tracks, stopping every few seconds to catch my breath. I just begged to not be run over. When I made it 3/4 of the way through, my nana appeared and said “keep going.” SHE DIDNT EVEN TRY TO HELP ME. Well it cut to the part where I made it to the grass on the opposite side. But then I had the realization that I forgot my phone on the OTHER SIDE, and crossing was the only way to get to it. I don’t remember if I had to cross to get my phone because it cut to an entirely different scene. I was watching an animated YouTube video about people describing their dreams. This was NOT a real video. The “dream” that someone had was that Superman kept dying over and over again in various ways, but for the whole time, the narrator of the video called Superman “the whore”. THE WHORE. Idk if this was part of the persons dream or not. But it talked about “the whore” getting run over by trains (sounds familiar) and crushed by tunnels that were too low because he was riding on top of the train for some reason. Well then, I was at my nanas house. The horrible vacation was finally over. We were all sitting at a table; me, my nana, my aunt, and my brother (lukey) . I was in the process of making a sandwich as we were talking. My nana just randomly said “when lukey looks at me with those insane eyes and then eats his Mac and cheese” and then mimicked the “insane eyes” that my brother apparently gives her. My aunt made some weird joke about it that I don’t remember, and lukey said “I know what you’re trying to do”. He was implying that she was trying too hard to be funny. I started slicing tomatoes really thin for some reason, and my nana stared at me while I was doing this. Well my dream ended with me slicing tomatoes and my nana staring at me. Come on brain out of all the things to name a superhero in my dream you picked “the whore”. Marvel don’t get any ideas.