A Bit More Than Bits and Pieces (D2)

Date: 9/18/2019

By VoodooQueen91

Last night, I was part of a wolf pack. Not as a human but as one of the wolves. I was not alpha but still an hinored member of the pack. I was one they had help take care of pups, and yet still was able to do things such as go on the hunt with the males of the pack. I put my life on the line many times for those in my pack. In my day to day when help care for pups, I would train them to be a part of the pack and giving them "jobs" to do based on their personalities. For example if they were sweet females yet still had a good head on them they would be put in charge of pup care as adults, and if they were level headed yet tough (male or female) I would assign them to be "warriors" for the pack as adults. The only pups that make a difference in picking their "adult jobs" was if they were the pups of the alpha. They would them be trained to do just about everything in the pack but honorably and not controllingly. All pups were taught to give each other a chance. When I was hunting I usually ran with the toughest of warriors and yet up front with the alpha. This seems like a long dream but I slept like a rock last night and was actually able to have a vivid dream for once.