Digital art, Generate an image of a woman lying in bed with her plant-based lover, Flynn, who is a small potted plant while not in use, and her cat next to her, both pets asleep as she smiles contentedly at the room around her.

Plant based magic

Date: 4/24/2019

By kittykatdreamer94

It started out like any other dream me and mark were driving around what could of been down town in my home town late at night looking for a restaurant to eat at before heading to a hotel we ate at what looked like a friendly’s and he went to go get the car started and pay the bill when this strange woman stuck her finger up my cats butt who was apparently also with us this whole time and asked me if she could have it I told her no are you crazy why would you do that to a kitty she ended up following us to this very nice very large some what outdated hotel and she started offering me things that I’ve always wanted and offered to fix things in my life that it would be impossible for her to of known about and I thought about it and I agreed but one of the first things I wished for was a cat that was exactly like niko in every way even down to the way it meows and boob it appeared in the room I asked for my double chin to be gone and boom it was gone I asked to be thinner and I was I wished for healthy manageable hair and it became so I asked for my reproductive system to work normally with the ability to get pregnant I asked for my iud to be zapped out of me which felt kind of like a cramp if it were an electrical pulse but it only took a second then she said any time I want something to just say it outloud and it will happen then me and mark started to have sex in many different positions and different kinds of sex it felt so good but I made sure he filled me up but he had to leave because of an early flight so I kissed him goodbye and laid in the bed cleaning up what had been left behind only to lay there( petting my cat who seemed identical in every way to the one I sacrificed so I felt nothing bad) only to realize I was still horny I asked for a service that offers customizable men to do with what ever I want and boom I had one I searched the catalog on my phone and customized myself a very very sexy guy with long brownish red hair bright green eyes pale skin a very thin a belly button ring eye brow ring and the softest skin I made sure he had the ability to reproduce and I had him at my door in no time in a pair of tight leather pants and a sheer topped metal band T shirt Messy eye liner and looking seductively at me but something went wrong and he burst into this strange plant creature and the containment team came and had to send out a new one for me this one was defective so the new one was sent out in less than 5 minutes later with the same look and said hello darlin in his sweet Irish accent I pulled him in the room and kissed him hard and he pulled me close and pulled away slightly and asked before we get started you haven’t given me a name I’d really like one if you don’t mind so I thought about it for a moment looked him up and down and said your name is Flynn he said oh I quite like that I said come here Flynn and beckoned him over to the bed where he crawled onto it slowly and seductively and crawled ontop of me and started kissing me down my neck down to my nipples and started kissing and sucking them while he started playing with my pussy I was still very wet and he liked that and started licking my pussy he stopped for a second and took his shirt off and went back to making a meal of me till I came then after I panted my way out of the twilight of orgasm I leaned up and unbuttoned his pants to reveal a very nice sized cock that was hard as a rock and ready to be used I pulled him intop of me and he shoved his cock inside me and started thrusting and moaning and moaning my name it was like a fantasy we made love in so many different positions and I made him cum multiple times before we collapsed in bed together cuddled up he says I’m all yours and when ever you don’t need me I turn into a beautiful small potted plant all you have to do is remember to water me every day while im in the pot I won’t get jealous of other guys and you can have as many others like me as you think you can care for I will love you and be yours as long as you care for me but while I’m out I can fend for myself and can drink almost any water source available I have to stay hydrated as I am a plant much like most if not all the magic you possess it’s plant based and needs care like I do and your kitty luckily now all your kitty needs is water that it can get to any time it feels it needs a drink I was over joyed knowing all of this I asked him one question on the website it says your able to reproduce but if your a plant you wouldn’t be able to produce human sperm could you and he replied ah yes well not 100% human but it’s so close that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference I look human don’t I ? Well yes you do well than don’t worry about it if you want a Baby with me we can do this as much as you want untill you conceive plus trying is the best part he giggles to himself and I say I’ll keep that in mind dearest Flynn well if you don’t mind I’d like some rest and some water ok honey you do that I’m going to just lay here you filled me up so good I feel I’d gush you out of me if I were to stand right he blushes and winks at me I’ll see you when you wake doll