Drones & paralysis

Date: 3/3/2019

By m2NT1

The first dream sequence was located in Korea (I fell asleep after watching a Korean comedian) I was watching the ocean and sky from a port. I witnessed several autonomous drones and other vehicles flying in the air, communicating with each other on military orders. While the directions they went in seemed chaotic and disorganized, it was clear they were operating in coordination as a hive. I felt afraid, as they were loud and quite large in size. A man's voice spoke to me, stating that Asia is currently the most technologically advanced, but that one day the US would also reach this level of surveillance/advancement in autonomous technology. The second dream sequence was short, and the only part I remember was being in a state between sleep and full consciousness. My vision was fuzzy and blurred. I could see a corner of the bed I slept on, the same sheets. I could see my shoulder but began to panic when unable to locate my arm. I felt it was somehow amputated and immediately attempted to wake up. I could not figure out if I was dreaming, even whe I woke up, which took several attempts. I felt paralyzed. Is that considered sleep paralysis?