Date: 6/28/2017

By Maze

This lithe fey creature came and brought me out of the house into the night. The night was cold with snow. I was in my pink flannel nighty and barefoot. The snow burned my feet as we began to walk. The creature said, "invitation into the home is a blessing, a protection," and put his leg out to show me his foot, which were shod with a leaf-like shoe. I looked back at the house where the porch light was on and heard someone call for me. I knew I was invited. I put my foot out and let it be covered with the same kind of shoe, and it was warm and safe from the snow. We went, arm in arm, into the night, the trees. The next thing I knew it was a hot day in the city. I stood next to myself and took her by the arm. I had split in two, one part who had gone with the fey and knew that story, and the other self who was bewildered. The fey self said, "I had sixteen years, it's your time." It seemed I had been gone a long long while.