pest control. reversed.

Date: 1/25/2017

By RowdyRhett

Anthony was tellingnme a storybover the phone whilst i was looking for something and i could see it. there was a man who was apart of this army or something. he had a pug/bull dog that was pregnant. anyways, he must of done something but he was on the phone with a higher up person who was telling him things like "Well maybe you should have thought of that before" or "it's too late" but he said it like he has done this kind of thing before. anyways, so the man over the phone said something like "I heard you have a fear of spiders" or something, but the man said "no, not regular little spiders" then the man on the phone said "no? well how about big giant ones?" then a big spider came in through the window, the man was freaking out and screaming at his dog to run away, to go upstairs but the dog was like "no I don't want to leave you" but finally left. then the man from the phone came in, along with the spider after it had killed the man. the man from the phone was like "what about the dog?" but the spider was like "it will die soon anyways, it won't survive" this story seemed to be set during a war too, cause that's what they meant by "it won't survive" then the dream switched back to me being on the phone with Anthony whilst I was looking for something in this big cluttered office. I was like "well..that's sad" and he was like "yeah..sorry..and you know what? It's all true." when he said that last part it sounded so..menacing, I then woke up.