Game of Thrones/The 100 themed

Date: 7/1/2017

By supaninja007

This dream was weird af. Weirdest one yet I think. The first think I remember is that I am sitting on the staircase of somewhere of a castle near some water. I have a sword in my hand. I cut my hand a little with it on purpose and notice the cut gets sealed with stone after being cut. Then some nurse lady comes and threatens me. I then use the sword to cut around me and all of the walls detiorate and she falls away yelling at me. Then suddenly I'm with Jon Snow and some hot chick. We are climbing ledges like in a video game and beneath is some water. The girl is leading then Jon Snow and then me. Once we get to the end we grab hold of some sort of giant sphere that is compromised of rods and gears that lock into something. Jon yells we need to push it into place so we pick it up and push it multiple times until it locks into place. And then I hear some mechanical wurring. I notice there are many smaller spheres around the room we are in each having the sigil of house of game of Thrones and have rings spinning around each sphere just like in the opening sequence of Game of Thrones. I then talk to the keeper of these spheres and notice she made a new ring themed after a clan from the show the 100. I get excited and wake up.