yellow sunglasses

Date: 8/20/2017

By wickedwitchofthemidwest

The last thing i remember was sitting in the front row in some sort of college class room setting ( im married work at home mom, 23 y/o ) theres about 20 people sitting around me. i dont see a speaker or professor any where. Everyone's just chatting. there's a woman to my left and a man to my right. This woman was beautiful. blonde hair, green eyes and she was wearing a dress that was mesmerizing. the man to my right was tall skinny and wasnt even looking my way. he was chatting to the couple on the other side of him. i hadnt even looked to see them. im just looking around trying to take everything in and the woman starts talking to me and as are conversation gets interesting about what class we're in, i hear a loud giggle. i turn around and in the row ahead of me there's my husband sitting next to a little latina wearing a dress that nearly looked like her ass was gonna pop out any sec. she was bent over sweeping the crumbs off the crotch of the pants. i just start yelling at her. dont remember what i said but she just walked away. between the chaos of everyone in the class and something going out side the door he gets up and starts talking but i cant hear, people are yelling and its getting louder. he pulls something out of his back pack and sets it on the desk. he walks away. i look down, i cant really explain to the T. its a long plastic tube about 11 inches long its got tule on the end with ribbon tied around it. its bright different colors. almost like Easter colors. yellow. blue. pink. purple. i open it and pull out yellow glasses. They are kids glasses with a little chick on them. im like wtf.. i shove them back in and start to take in my surroundings. everyone is running around, there's stuff everywhere. trash, books, bags, chairs are askew and people are running out the door. so i join, the classroom is inside the atrium which houses the gift shop. every one is going through ass the merchandise. im not sure why but i start stifling through everything. searching for glasses to replace. im unsure why i don't want them so much. i take like 5 min just going the chaos searching. I cant find anything. so i throw down the gift. and try to go find my husband. i turn through these double doors and the setting changes to a warehouse. there's only about two other people in there standing around. i walk to the other side where i see a hallway with several doors so i try the first, than the second, than the third.. there's candles lit. i see a bed in the middle and someones laying in it. i turn the light on expecting to see my husband but its not. its the woman that was sitting next to me in class. i apologize to her and ask if she wants me to shut the light off. she says "no! um.. i actually was wondering if you wanted to join me for girl talk" so i ask "where you waiting for someone its pretty romantic in here" she goes on to tell me about how shes been sleeping in her office due to construction at her apartment. she than sits up as the blankets slides off her i notice Shes wearing lingerie.. my mouth drops and im speechless. i have a thing for woman as well and i didn't know what to do. i know my husband would love to join or even get the chance to watch, but he's no where around. i couldn't miss this chance. so i text him, tell him where i am. shes totally down with it! so im undressing and i hear a knock on the door. assuming its my husband, i answer it. he swings me into the hallway to talk. asking all kinds of questions about who it is. will we go through with it? so im explaining who she is as i have him by the hand we are walking into the room. i flip the light on and who do i fucking see! i am shook like beyond fucking shook, there's my cousin ("C" we'll call her) in my fucking lingerie in between this bitches legs... im like wtf! what are doing in-between her legs! and in my lingerie. shes like don't worry you guys can join! i say fuck you nasty bitch, that shit ain't happening. we turn around and walk about. i was so mad, i wanted her so bad. but she ruined it. i was so disgusted. we took the walk of defeat. when i hear my cat scratching the out side of my bedroom door, I realize I'm dreaming and wake up. i still felt defeated. but at least my husband is actually in my bed and not that trainwreck of an ending for my dream.