Caught drunk driving

Date: 2/6/2019

By srds2018

I was driving (I'm not sure now what type of vehicle) while pretty drunk and was caught. It was bit weird because the checkpoint wasn't on a road but on the hallway to the apartment I live in. Weird how they could check for drunk driving like that but that's how I was caught, just before I could enter my apartment. I was asked why I did it and my answer was I'm not impeded and that I'm fully capable of still driving safely while drunk. They asked me to perform few physical exercises to convince me that I'm not in a good shape but I proved them wrong by doing the exercises correctly. They still refused to let me go and explained why I will be charged regardless. It was a presentation about speed limits but not really about drunk driving. People in the adjacent apartment joined us during this time (they came to get to their apartment and stopped by to watch the presentation). I woke up near the end of the presentation.