Sexual desires? Racist dad?

Date: 6/23/2019

By StarDreamer

For some odd reason I had a dream where I was in middle school. It was my first day because I was a transfer student and halfway through the class this boy kissed me; funny thing is he looked just like someone I knew as a child. His name was Calvin yang and I had a major crush on him... Anyways now it was time for groups and whenever this other boy tried being in a group with me and my friend Calvin would always join right away so it was 4 of us. Then I had to deliver a few papers to a different class and guess what ? Calvin came with me!! While we were walking down the hallway he suggested that I come over to his house so I agreed because I really liked him. He kissed me again in the hallway. After all that we had recess and he suggested we have sex together at his house (no wonder he invited me over) so I agreed because I was madly in love with him. Then he started trying to make us have sex on the playground!!! I said no and that we would wait until we were at his house. After school we left for his house and his dad didn’t like me because I was mixed and had brown skin. Calvin ended up shooting his dad and his dad sat on the couch instead of going to the hospital 🤣 So we went to have sex in the garage but before we could I woke up. WHAT THE F!! That was so funny.