Strange dreams

Date: 8/14/2017

By awalker406

I was offer a tiny egg by this strange old women, who said it will change me into whatever I wanted to be and make your dreams come true. It was too good to be true, so I inquisitor her about this egg. She offer me this tiny egg for free and said "see for yourself". "Sod it, nothing could go wrong" I thought to myself. I consumed this egg and nothing happen. She tells me, that I had to close my eyes and wish for what you wanted. So I closed my eyes and wish for all my dreams to come true. My belly made a rumble sounds. My skin started coming out in rashes over all me and I started getting really itchy. I could feel hundreds of something crawling around inside me and poke my skin from within, wanting to get out. My body changed into something I didn't wish for. I was deformed into a grotesque person. Worms started to burst out from my skin. I became bigger and lost my hair. I was so ugly. I was panicking. "This is not want I ask for!" I said to myself. Next scene: I was slimmer, more defined body in a smart outfit. I was with amanda, who was in a beautiful red dress. We went out for dinner to catch up. We laugh about old times and talked about spiritual, sex, life and a load of random things. The conversation was good. The spontaneous was building up inside me. "Fuck it!", I thought to myself. I grab her hand and said "Let's go". Dashing out of the restaurant without paying. We went to a fair ground that had the biggest rollercoaster, I had ever seen. We got on it. Nerves were kicking in my stomach. She calms me down by place her hand on top of mine. It was so fast, going around all over the place. Both screaming our heads off with our hands in the air, couldn't have care about anything else. We get off the ride. Her hair is all over the place and my legs are like jelly. We both laughed and smiled. The scene changed into a park with a small lake. We were looking at the stars together. We began to walk back but we stop by a strange tree. Spontaneously, I grab her by the waist with both hands and pulled her towards me. The moonlight glistened on her beautiful eyes. She smiled; A moment of bliss. Then suddenly everything changed. Her beautiful smiled faded, closed her eyes and turned away from me. Awkwardness was upon us. From nowhere, she plunged a blade in my neck. I collapsed to my knees, wondering "why is this happening?". She places me, up against this strange tree and comforts me without saying a word. My body changes into its true form. Sadness washes over me, repeating over and over "why?". She removes the blade from my neck, avoiding eye contact. There was silence. All the good moments washed away. "Go to sleep, Tony" she said to me repeatedly, over and over again. I listen to her commands and my eye lids slowly closed, like the big curtains coming down on the end of a stage show.