Little Girl of Dharma

Date: 7/30/2017

By e6life

*I know absolutely nothing of Dharma and, honestly, haven't any idea why I'd dream this.* I dreamt I lived with a strange little girl. She was possibly 10 years old, based on appearance. Though she never made it obvious, I sort of knew she was of importance and had some kind of mysticism of her. She had long, dark hair and was wearing a pale nightgown when I saw her. She had these little cards on her. According to the backs of the cards, they were called "Dharma Cards". The front sides of the cards had various writings and/or artwork. I remember having some cards of my own. For whatever reason I just gave her some of mine. I seemed to want to make her happy. I don't think it worked, though. It was hard to tell, since her expression was unchanging and she never spoke. *Now, for those who know anything about Dharma, if I'm insulting you with this, I am so sorry. I really have no idea why this was dreamt. If any interpreters are reading, I'd love some feedback.*