Psychically Controlling UFO

Date: 5/3/2019

By jmoney$

I was hanging out with Alejandro Paz (clssmate from elementary/middle school). We were at a marijuana dispensary of some sort and he gave me a item I’ve never seen before. It was a topical balm you would put on skin, and it would get you high. Balm was many times more powerful than smoking bud. I removed as much as possible from my skin once I realized that, so only got a slight high. My mom and dad then appeared, walking towards my room in what now seemed to be a building. We were on an elevated floor. I jumped and laid over the weed stash so they wouldn’t see. Suddenly, as parents came into room a warlike noise started coming from outside one of the windows. I appeared infront of that window staring out, next to my brother and mom. We had water view (lake or ocean) when staring out window donw below. I remember seeing a crowded waters with coast guard and military boats all targeting what seemed to be some kind of large vehicle. This vehicle was causing a lot of trouble (Villain) including escaping and shooting at guard/ military. I quickly glanced up and saw a UFO zipping around attempting to capture this vehicle as well. As soon as I locked eyes w UFO, I couldn’t believe it. It seemed so real and it was the first time I’ve seen one in my life. My awe was interrupted immediately, as something that sounded like a rubber bullet and explosion hit the window, which somehow remained intact. The UFO was right there outside the window, as if it was waiting for me to interface with it. It looked like a metallic perfect sphere about 8 ft diameter, with an attached outer ring. It very much reminded me of a mini version of Saturn. I tried to interface with it amidst this warlike pursuit scene, but wasn’t able to accomplish such. It kept zipping around now in the distance moving in all directions and persuing the villain vehicle. This villan vehicle had lost it and was now causing even more damage and chaos, alluding law enforcement. I then saw UFO right in front of window again, as if it was calling for me to try harder to connect. I remember using my 3rd eye energy and lifting my hands as to lock with the object telepathically (similar to when I do the visual meditation of passing an energetic ball through my body). I was finally able to lock in, and now the UFO was at my command. I couldn’t tell if there was anyone/ anything inside it, but I could guide its speed, direction and distance with my hands and 3rd eye energy source. After sending the UFO up and down a few times and being completely emerged in this telepathic gridlock, I quickly guided it, using some effort, towards the villain vehicle. The UFO seeped through an opening in villain vehicle that seemed as it had been cut out for the exact shape of UFO. All of a sudden, I wasn’t only controlling the UFO anymore, which had locked itself in in the back part of the vehicle. Now, I had full control of this villain vehicle and I could direct/ glide it anywhere I wanted on top of the water. Under a lot of stress, I guided the vehicle a far, still using my hand motions and mental power. Vehicle kept shooting weapons and reaping havoc to everyone/ everything around it. I sent it on its way avoiding to hit any of the law enforcement boats, and quickly smashed it into a large nearby brick wall. All chaos was suddenly over after explosion, and I felt at peace. Once I flashed back into regular conciseness, I realized I have broken loose of the telepathic interfacing with UFO. I took a peek, and couldn’t spot the UFO anywhere. I tried to call it again with my mind, and call for the beings that made it, or were driving it, to appear and communicate with me. I closed my eyes and saw the UFO, but no beings or further communication occured. I opened my eyes and saw the UFO zapping from far in the horizon towards my building, through the cloud of smoke from villain vehicle explosion and dissapearing. From the time I saw it until disappearance, it took about 3 seconds. I was left there shivering, and suddenly appeared at the bottom floor, outside my building next to my brother. I could barely blabber my words to him, and attemtped to say I can’t believe what just happend, I am in shock. I knew my mom, brother and others had experienced first hand what had just happened. I remember then walking alongside my bro up a hill, still shivering, and thinking to myself “I want to go to the top of this hill, secluded from anyone except my brother, and just reflect/ wrap my head around what had just happened”. It was so vivid, so real, and all of a sudden, I woke up in my bed, shivering and soaked in sweat.