Project in the future?

Date: 3/22/2019

By pheeniealexandra

It was a school project I was working on. With Emily W, and Julia, and a few other more random people. I left them in my room to work on part of it as I went out to get supplies for the movie part. I was playing the mom, someone else the main character, and I don't remember the plot of that either. In the future Starbucks and Walmart didn't exist. If you wanted things you had to go to a place called "the park" unclear weather it was a real park or not. They also updated my computer Apple finally made it. And on the home screen there were random gifs and ads and stuff that I had to delete. Everything was cleaner crisper and whiter. The trash can app thing was not where it usually is on a computer, and the whole thing was easily customizable to what you wanted or needed. I didn't like it and I really didn't like deleting a cute little graphic Dino from the home screen.