Ex Girlfriend

Date: 7/7/2017

By ressanelson

I am bi sexual & me and my gf are not together anymore So there are 3 parts to my dream the first one is when I was in the garage it was my ex and her friend I was in sitting in the chair and I was wearing all black with my head down I looked over at my ex she had a white wedding dress on but she was taking it off and her friend was looking for something in a box then the second dream transform to me being in the bathroom standing there looking at myself through the mirror with the same dress that my ex had on while I'm looking at myself I also recognize that I was in the kitchen but the countertops was all black but I can see myself through the mirror looking at myself The last part of my dream was at my exes house I was sitting up on the couch and I had a blanket over me my ex Mother came up to me and said a couple of things to me but I remember looking at her eyes that were bloodshot red and a T-shirt that she had on was black