Date: 7/18/2017

By strangerdelaney

There was this weird school-like organized dance and I was there with Michelle and Ava. Michelle was wearing a tight black dress with an interesting neck and a red lip. I was wearing my black dress that I wore to that frat formal. There were a lot of random people there that don't go together. I ran into Izzy in the bathroom and I said hi and chor and Chris Johnson were there. Then we were dancing and talking and a woman came in who was a combination of all my elementary school teachers and asked us to show our outfits. Before this I was really confident about my outfit and hair, but when it was my turn to show off my outfit it turned into this weird white cape and my dress was all jacked up and wrinkled and I was like wha. So I pulled off the white cape and was like haha I guess I didn't notice that was stuck to my dress when I left the house and it was really embarrassing. Then I turned into Karen from shameless and this weird game at the dance turned into me having to run away with this random person in the rain and we were being chased. A part of the game was that we had to have sex with each other or we would be killed but I really didn't want to. So first he was trying to convince me to, then we were trying to figure out how to pretend we had.