Random party

Date: 4/22/2017

By davestar25

Jamhar and I threw another party. Holly and Mollie and their other friends were there. I had one drink and I started getting drunk. Snoop pulls me aside and give me water with herbs that he says will help to keep me sober. He says I need to be sober for when my girl gets there. Phillip and Randal from work came and Randal brought his daughter. I made 3 types of sweet potatoes and Caitlin was sharing it out and making the guests feel at home. Katie comes up to me and shows me a gps. She says she hopes that I'm ready for my girl tonight cause she's almost there. I walk up the stairs and go to the balcony where I meet fresh King Jamar. He gives me some tips on sex and says I need to prepare for my first time. He had me do a handstand and then do push ups in that position. He then transforms into a firefighter and waves at this guy that was coming into the party. I get transported to South Georgia where I have to help my mom and the neighbors fix a tv and prepare for a musical play. I make it back to the party and Jamar gives me a high five. Then Nattie arrives.