swimming with seals and seeing a dolphin

Date: 7/7/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was in some water park thingy like seaworld, but i was alone. I was watching something big and dark swimming in a very big pool but it was too blurry to tell what it was. I think it was a killerwhale, and i was careful not to stand too close to the edge of the tank cos i knew it was intelligent enough to pop out and grab my foot and kill me. In another tank, i saw some dolphins being playful and i was very happy to see them. I think i might have been feeding them but i dont remember. Anyway the dream shifted and i was wearing some blue shorts with a red open flannel that was unbuttoned. I had no undershirt or bra so my boobs were visible. I crept into a very large tank that had warm clear water and got inside it. There were seals everywhere and i was playing with them. There was a large seal with white speckles in particular that i liked and i had a lot of fun touching it as it did me. It would rub against me playfully and hop on me to play. There was a woman trainer outside of the tank training the seals and she said something about wanting to train me but i needed proper attire. I looked down at my exposed boobs and got out of the water to dress myself properly. But before i left i got a good look at the seal she was training. It was bigger than the others and was dark in color. There was something odd about it, like it was weird looking and different from the other seals. I think it was handicapped somehow but i couldnt place my finger on how. Then i woke up.