Chris Pratt my hot dad and weird beast thing

Date: 3/5/2017

By DreamingBunny

there was a shot of Chris Pratt rubbing his penis against the rim of a really nice glass filled with water. There was our mum (who wasn't my actual mum) and my sister and younger brother (again not my family) We were downstairs in the kitchen. Chris Pratt (our dad) had turnt into some shape shifting beast and he had turned my sister and she changed the younger brother so he was older and she proved she had changed him by - not touching him at all- he came in his pants but he was expressionless lol. My sister had turned into a beast and changed back again. My dad (Chris Pratt) came downstairs topless and with a beard. Before he was about to come down mum said "Change back! I don't want your father to be ashamed of himself" then he started speaking to mum. It ended. Chris Pratt can be my Daddy any day lol 😉😉😉