Date: 3/9/2017

By antinessa

i was at a lunch line in my old middle school with my boyfriend but i had lost my appetite. i got it back again when i saw the chicken and sweet potatoes and proceeded to get a plate, and it was taking a very long time to get to the cashier. we finally sat down as we were walking through tables where a lot of our old/current friends were sitting and were staring at us. I sat down with him and started eating, and although i was happy i felt there was something wrong. i went back home and had the biggest urge to sleep, and for some reason i fell asleep in my moms room and woke up with my uncle and mother. i woke up scared and with anxiety, and woke up my mother to tell her but she shrugged me off and went back to sleep, so i started crying because i was scared and went to my room to call my boyfriend so he could reassure me but he seemed really distant. we ended up hanging up and i felt waves of loneliness hit me all throughout the dream