Date: 5/19/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was with david in my home. I was awfully sleepy so he carried me in his arms towards my backyard. Once he set me down, he took out some sort of large painting and started drawing. I somehow didn't want him to be there and tried to make it evident. He noticed and put the painting away, got up and layed down a yellow blanket. He told me to get closer to him when he sat down on it, with his arms stretched out towards me. I noticed a bruise on his shoulder and asked where that was from. But he dismissed it. He seemed different too, darker and older and very dirty. It was like he was kind if embarrassed about his appearance and very self conscious. Annoyed, i got close and closed my eyes as he kissed me. For some reason i didnt kiss him back, i just let him finish and felt him grab me by the waist and lifted me into his lap. We made out for a while until i heard my mother nearby. I panicked and told him to leave, but he was very slow. I had to shove him out and ran while pulling on his arms. I told him my mother saw us and he just laughed and said it was alright, she already saw us so why run. I wanted to choke the life out of him. He wouldn't run and instead hugged me tight as my mother came to us. She shouted at me and gave him a funny look. She wanted to give us back the yellow blanket. He tried to talk to her but the dream ended right there.