Carter and Demi were there, Logan Paul was my older brother tried to murder me

Date: 3/20/2019

By levinelover

I was with Ryan his dad Simon and Logan Paul their older brother. Logan tried to kill me and very badly insured me, Simon, Demi Plaras, and Carter will all in a lot run and I wanted to join but didn’t have a bathing suit. Logan joined Simon in the bathtub I checked to see if he had a bathing suit but he was in his tan pants.I pointed it out and he surprisingly started to beat me up. I hit him too, he hurt me all over and almost killed me, I broke all his teeth while some of my teeth including ones in the back and vampire teeth had fallen out into my mouth and I could feel loose teeth in the back and my bare gums in the front vampire spaces. Ryan let me out of the house to escape when he saw me, I didn’t even take my phone but told him I was trying to get to the police station. Logan went go let Ryan back in the house and I lay on the sidewalk hidden, Winter and Thea making me move a little in the sidewalk even though I tried to stay as low as possible, I hoped it was only the two cats and no dirty wild bunnies or anything would come. I started to run, tempted to hide behind a white van as I ran so Logan would see just a still street but I didn’t see him chasing me so I kept running, I turned once down a sidewalk alley then eventually turned again and was carful not to go full circle