Date: 7/20/2019

By beshrew

last night i dreamt about terry crews. we were sitting on a bench and the streets kind of flood? it was sunny outside though. there were frogs hopping around. in my dream i had told terry crews about another memory i had with him so i guess he was in another one of my dreams. my dreams jump a lot and suddenly i was at a dinosaur museum. but it wasn’t any lame museum it was realistic. the rooms were dark and wet. leaves surrounded us. water drilling down the leaves. there was this lady who was mixed with dinosaur? her upper half was human but her bottom half was weird. her bones were out and her legs were bloody. the shape of her legs were odd. they were shaped like steaks. just imagine if our legs were shaped like steaks and we got into an accident so our bones were exposed basically. but they were proportionate to her body. i also dreamt that i was at an arcade with my irl friends. all of a sudden we’re in class and i’m assigning them which parts of the paper to read.