House with a monster living in the attic. But becomes SUPER LUCID

Date: 7/24/2017

By peachy

(I was telling the dream in perspective to my boyfriend. Also the name Bre, a very close friend.) //For some reason we were buying a new house in Massachusetts and it was smaller than this one and upstairs I had to share a room with Jake but I found and attic and went up and it was kinda cool there was a bedroom up there but then I found a spot higher up and I climbed up and there was a couch and like I heard footsteps and bre was up there with me for some reason and I was taking pictures to send to you but we saw this small metal door and were like oh god is something alive up here and we went to run downstairs and I couldn't get through the spot to get down and this huge guy walked over like giant and he was huge like looked like a monster but half human. and I hid behind he couch And he laughed and I was like please just kill me I wanna die and he's like that's funny and I was like I'm serous and then He went to hit me and I'm like wait this is a dream and he's like what and I'm like wait a second and bre came up and was sitting next to me and I'm like is this a lucid dream and then all the sudden my body flew upwards like really fast and I woke up in real life. And then I was like godamit and I went back to sleep and got back to the dream and I was like guys the trick is to realize you're in a dream without actually waking up and it's super hard to do like if you close your eyes or think too much about it you will wake up so you have to focus on the dream and then bre was like no way and I'm like yes I can prove it and she's like how and I'm like watch and I was struggling and I made my hair go up into a ponytail by itself and she's like holy shit and I was like yea and then I'm like see and I made it go down by itself without moving my head and she's like wow and I was like yeah and when I do eventually wake up I'll probably tell you about it and she's like what are we like in real life and I'm like stop you're going to make me wake up and I legit started waking up and she's like sorry and I was like sometimes I honestly think dreams are a different reality or dimension to me and I know people wouldn't believe me but it's just too real it feels like another life and the giant guy is like well that's just an excuse and I'm really hungry so I think I will just eat you guys and bre got scared and I was like I'd tell you to do this but you're most likely not dreaming about this right now and I pictured a giant piece of like meat and the guy ate it. And then I was like when I'm in dreams time goes so much slower so I should probably not sleep too long I was going to do something today and now it's probably too late and then bre disappeared and I shot up into the air again and woke up.