Double Feature

Date: 5/10/2019

By meeuhduh

I was in a bar or some intimidating tattoo shop and the people there didn't really like me. I was in love with the owner. I realized we were in Ireland. More people appeared and started dancing to some song like it turned into a club for 1 song. When it was back to normal the people reduced down to a small group of friends and the owner. Whenever he touched my hand or flirted his friends protested like I was some "outsider" That went on until a female friend of his became possessed and I had to help her get this demon out after I let it speak. It said I didn't belong there and basically it would do everything possible to keep the guy and me apart. It turned back into a club type thing and people were going nuts jumping around, fighting etc. The owner sneaks me out and we start walking through this alley the graffiti looked so cool it was like psychedelic and made the alley look like a tunnel. Somehow as we were heading through the tunnel became a fucked up water slide. It was like a sewer tunnel but the water was clean and it pushed us on a current. At some point I moved us off the current and we hit the floor. We had some scrapes and bruises but we were fine. I don't remember what happened really after that part but it turned into another dream soon after that where I was walking with a team of 3 other people and we were each a "class" like from an RPG and I was a rogue (probably because I always pick rogue and also Arya from GoT is bae) . We get to this house that was basically a dungeon level of a video game it would be dark until we moved through it the first time then it would be lighted. Found chocolates and kept eating them a taller female in blue was probably "the mage" told me to stop eating them and I was annoyed then thought about getting fat so I got sad and started exploring this weird creepy house. Somewhere along the journey my mother appeared and I got ready to attack but she started showing me this house and apparently my dad was living there and he had all this cool shit it would take too long to go through the exploring part but my mother said like "look how well we did without you" as if she faked her death and got rich. My dad seemed brainwashed and I was trying to help him wakeup and get away from her. Can't remember much after that.