Date: 7/10/2017

By silentdreamer

On the last day of my eighth grade year, I took a chance and decided to ask my crush for a picture with him, only because most of the people in my grade were all going to different schools. I kept my crush a secret until the following day after the last day of school. My friends freaked and were low key upset with me for keeping it from them for so long. My crush grew short lived as I soon realized that he had a girlfriend. I was crushed when my best friend told me. My next goal was to get over him. Getting over a crush can be one of the hardest things on this Earth. After nearly a month after school ended I slowly but surely started to get over him. But, this morning I woke up with him on my mind. I had a dream about him. Where he actually texted me first! He was double texting me and complaining about something that he thought I could relate to. Also, I can remember him somewhat being obsessed with me and constantly wanting to cuddle. Some say that when you dream about someone they're really thinking about you. I never thought that was true. Especially because of who the person is. I doubt it's true but there's always hope, right? My friends don't think I like him anymore, but if they knew how deep my infatuation is, they'd think I'm crazy.