Chateaux de Tyler

Date: 6/12/2017

By LadyLuna321

It was my friend Tyler's place, a larger house at the beginning/bottom of a subdivision. It was spacious inside, light blue walls with low-light made everything gray. We were in a drug-ladden crapsack world, but we had each other and weed and other things. We were simply hanging out when one of his roomates came back. She was a nonbinary femme lesbian, short black hair and a flannel. She was... Beautiful. Dark skin, slender, unassuming but commanding a power it was hard to even stop noticing. She made out with one of her friends as she left her car and we made eye-contact and it was... Stronger than any of the drugs either of us were on. We talked and she was special and Tyler noticed us and it was lit. Then everything got banan. Tyler starts panicking for reasons unfuckdamnknown and I get in his car and turns out Marshall Law is in effect and I gotta sweettalk cops high off my ass with no license and jesus christ. Great time.