childhood nightmare

Date: 2/13/2017

By CatOnTheFiddle

I'm outside my house at night. I know it's near midnight. I have to get inside my house before midnight or something terrible will happen. Something is guarding the door and won't let me through until I collect all of these lace doily things scattered all around. I'm frantically trying to find the last one and as I look, a full moon so huge that it blocks out half the sky rises, and I know that I'm almost out of time. I run towards my door and a huge gong, as if from a clock tower, reverberates out. I bang on the unyielding door as more gongs ring out counting down to midnight. After the final gong, something like a well lined with padded velvet rises up around me. I scratch the walls trying to climb out, but to no avail. A large butcher knife extends from a slot in the wall and slams down, barely missing me. As I watch in horror, it slowly rises back up to try again... and I wake up screaming. I had nightmares frequently as a child, but for some reason I can't remember much of any of them aside from this one, which I recall in perfect detail.