Too late

Date: 6/28/2017

By Chant

The earliest part of the dream I can recall is that my partner and I are playing some sort of Hearthstone game together, 2v2. I'm in the game in first person, with him beside me, the opposing team a few meters away. We're in a shadowy ruin. A decent layer of snow coats the surroundings. The match starts out kind of even, but it's clear that we're winning pretty soon. In the last few rounds we get cocky and start making moves to prolong the game and do silly things, before defeating them on pit last card. Coming out of the game, we're laughing. It was fun, and I am happy to have played. I notice that it sounds windy outside, and it's dark. I think that it might be a good time to go watch the stars. What is it, like 1 am? No, it's 4 am. I feel uncomfortable, it's too late and my mom's asleep. I won't get to watch the stars with her very often anymore and that scares me. I had the chance tonight and I forgot. I wake up, it's 10 am and the sound of traffic is very loud outside my window. I miss watching the stars with my mom.