Cool drone/ship/plane

Date: 2/19/2017

By glitchyatari

I think I was another girl because I was older and I think I had lighter hair. I think it was a zombie apocalypse even though I don't remember seeing any zombies. It was nighttime the whole dream. I was with a couple other people. We were walking around when some guy came down to us on a drone plane thing. It was shaped like an orb/sphere, and the only window was the front window so the driver can see where he is going. He came to help us so we boarded it and it was pretty empty inside, but the best part was was that there was artificial intelligence running the spherical drone/plane/ship as well. I remember her voice. It was a light robotic woman's voice. I also remember the best part of the ship - the artificial intelligence, with a command, would change the walls and ceiling of the ship to scenery. You know how in Harry Potter, the Great Hall's ceiling is enchanted to look like the night sky or other things? That was what happened. The walls and ceiling became the night sky. There were stars, galaxies, and everything. It was absolutely breathtaking. It would move, too. I remember laying down on the ship floor, just in awe. Then he landed the ship after a while at my house. I looked around my room - it wasn't my room and house in reality - it was light pink with pink bedding and everything. There was no one in the house. I tried to call my parents, I think, but they wouldn't pick up or something. I remember the guy driving the ship telling me and my group that he has to do stuff or whatever, so he left the ship. We boarded it but didn't know how to drive it. I remember telling the artificial intelligence to change the walls to either the night sky or sunset before we left.