Big bridge

Date: 3/26/2017

By w33ks

Lisa and I exploring a coastal town, Maryland maybe. We head over big bridge with steepest descent in the world. Get to a beach , and above the dunes we see waves crashing way too high. Sally is a park helper and instructs us to get out. We end up falling off the bridge on the back of a couples car. They take us with them to get away from impending tsunami waves. I notice Yankee gear, but I didn't ask if they were from New York. At their house, we were playing baseball inside house with tangerine and making a racket, the father got angry because he was sleeping. I remember seeing pictures of him in military. I remember thinking about planets and something about trump, going to a rally with mom and Lisa where all the speakers kept trashing him. Lisa was loudly agreeing with all of them and I gave her a nudge to be quiet because mom was getting upset. Somehow discussing planetary travel and hurdling through space, galaxies running into one another and causing a post planetary movement era or period. People from galaxies helping each other to avoid this crash in some way. Distinctly remember a visual and how the planet was traveling so fast, and then post crash no longer going so fast and not spinning at all. The steep bridge was somehow familiar, from dream or dreams long in the past.