Date: 6/10/2017

By msondrol12

At the cabin, had woken up around 630 and went back to the tent with lyss. In the dream lyss had gotten up and about while I kept sleeping. Then I had more dreams about us here and there were lots of people here. Gina wanted a book that was having a book signing at Walmart so me n lyss drove there and I was weirded out about having dreamt again and again. Probably figuring out I was dreaming. We got there and went in the back and came in through the fitting rooms somehow. I wasn't wearing pants for some reason. Then I started losing gravity while I looked for lyss. Then I started bouncing around and flew a few laps around Walmart. Then I left but was alone and the road was really bumpy and full of holes. We had driven a tiny car there. So the car fit in the holes. I think I went back for Elyssa but then somehow ended up shooting hoops and flying around there too. The whole dream I had been on and off dreaming so I was confused and weirded out. I had a weird bug bite on my head and lyss thought I was hallucinating all that stuff instead of dreaming it. I was kinda in and out of consciousness and fell a lot.