my ex, nightmare, AGAIN

Date: 4/14/2017

By ellakiins

it started off with me just chilling in my best friends house in her room and all of a sudden the scenery changes. i'm outside, its dark and ominous and i was on my phone. i got a text saying "they're next." from a random number. so i went back inside the house immediately to make sure everything (and myself) were safe and okay. a couple minutes pass, and i hear shuffling on top of the roof. i head up to the attic and stayed there for a little bit. about 15 seconds later i see someone climb through the window, they were wearing gloves and was carrying a tec-9. i immediately bolted back down towards the door and tried to lock it but somehow by the time i got down there, it had been too late. the intruder had just shot my best friend's father through the throat. he lay there cold and dead, mouth agape with one last, terrified expression left on his dead face. i had to get out of there. i ran to my car and went to the location i last heard in the real world which was Ocean City. i went there and immediately texted my best friend. "i'm sorry Josie. i just witnessed your father get murdered." no text back for about 20 minutes. my phone buzzes, it's her. "what are you talking about? my fathers not dead. he's downstairs." i had to prepare her from seeing the mess that was left from the intruder. "don't go anywhere. i'll be there soon." i speed back to the house, trying to get there before she sees the horrific sight of what was her father. i got a text about 10 minutes into the drive saying "don't worry, he'll be gone within the next three days. someone will be asking "where's my son gone? i got you, ella." it was a text from my close friend nick. he found out who the intruder/shooter was. it was my ex.