Heartbreaker Dance

Date: 6/30/2017

By Hunny

It started off like a Cinderella story. I was in a house, which was very similar to my old childhood home. I had many ugly dresses, but I had a wand that could instantly change them to beautiful ball gowns after I put them on. My two older sisters teased me about my ugly dresses, but gave me a ride to the dance. When I arrived, it was a giant staircase that led to a wide open doorway. I entered and saw a giant, yet simple ballroom. There were only a few people, and we were all wearing masks. The ladies looked nice,yet all the guys hair were messed up. It looked like they were wearing long wigs, that they put on a flat surface, and tried to make it looked like it was waving in the wind, but added too much hair spray. The prince came up to dance with me, but I declined. I just didn't like his hair. Then I noticed something strange. There were these two doors, which looked like they belonged in a school gym. Opening then, I found myself in a small fenced area that had picnic tables with food and some of my classmates were there. They were all dressed up for a school dance and here I was dresses for a ball. A friend approached me and told me my crush was here. For now lets call my friend Kris and my crush Fred. Kris said that he was in an old hang out building down the road. In the dream, I've already been to the building before. So we walked down together and found Kris's two friends. One, turned out to be Kris's girlfriend Anne, while the other, Clair ended up being Fred's girlfriend. I felt bad but didn't show it, but somehow Claire found out about my crush. So she attacked me. Both Kris and Anne helped pry her off and kicked her out of the house. It was just for a while, just chilling, until my mom and little brother appeared. My mom wanted to see if the house was safe of drugs and stuff. We didn't get to answer before there was a loud bang. We went outside to find these three crazy asian girls who were blowing stuff up on top of a tower. Then I woke up.