Parents and Snapchat (nightmare)

Date: 6/8/2017

By exahhar

I remember I was in my old house that I lived in, or at least the one I lived in previously, with my parents, before moving out. I was downstairs, in the hearth room, and I remember being on Snapchat, "snapping" an ex of mine, well.. She's an ex now. Her name is Morgana, but that's sort of beside the point. regardless, the only one I can remember was of her (heads up, adult material ahead) with her legs spread, naked, perched on a couch, at a weird angle that made it seem impossible that she took the picture. Then I went outside to help my mom with finish some yardwork that my brother and I had been working on all day. We talked about things just can't recall while we worked on the back yard, and then moved to the front yard, which hadn't been touched yet, apparently. And. My. Mom. Lost. It. started going on about how I had lied to her, about how I hadn't done anything, about how I had been just been lazy, yada yada. Then I remember her going inside after screaming and going into drill sergeant mode, leaving me outside until my dad got home. He seemed chill until I found out, when I went back into the garage with him, that my motorcycle was just.. missing the left handle. And then I lost my shit, because my dad mentioned it was probably just my little brother, and then I got in even more trouble for cussing up a storm on the front lawn. Get dragged inside, and upstairs, where my mom process to accuse me of doing things that I hadn't done, but little brother had, like being on Snapchat all day, not doing anything on the yard, drinking, and I tried to tell them, no, I haven't been, but they just shouted over me, "LIAR" every chance I had to talk. "No, seriously, I-" "LIAR." "No, mom, I-" "LIAR!!" "Stop, for two sec-" "LIAR" And so on and so forth. Then they told me that since they couldn't trust me anymore, I couldn't move out, I was going to have my phone and license and computer, and bike, and job. That I'd be going into work tomorrow, telling them I quit, and getting a job with my mom at the winery she works at. The nightmare ended as I was trying to show them I had only been on Snapchat recently, and was trying to show the time stamps, but then my mother slapped it out of my hands and then as she slapped me, I woke up..