Trial and Error

Date: 6/1/2017

By drunchee

In my dream, I'm with marcos Alex and Garrett. Maybe not Alex at first though. We brave through a swampy marsh full of gators, a forest with a single bear, and a brown murky pond full of tiny leeches. I had on scuba shoes so I could swim easily, but we all had to retreat from the swamp due to an island up ahead That was full of alligators. Soon we find an underground area down a dirt hole, and it leads to a basement place much like Marcos's. Adalia, Allie, Brody, Ayden and Mara and other "cool" kids follow down the hole even though I don't want them to, because now that they're here, they can't leave. We start doing these "tests" on computers, that show us the future kind of. We are then transported to an actual live trial, the same one showed on computer, but this time we actually have to do it. For some reason, the trial was nothing but me, Marcos Alex and Garrett being transported into a bed with Ayden and Mara. It was Garrett's bed, but the room was more like a hotel. Ayden and Mara were sleepily arguing the whole time. Me and Garrett and Marcos were talking, and somehow I knew we was winning the trial. Later on, there was like a lobby for the class mates not currently doing a "trial", like a waiting room. I recall Evelyn being there. I never got to find out what the trials were or anything, so yeah sorry.