Weird ED Clinic Nurse

Date: 8/4/2017

By IFailAtUsernames

So in this dream I was at s lower weight and at least 20 lbs less than I am RN and but my arms and legs looked a lil bit fatter than they are RN? So I wasn't doing very well and I was at an ed clinic and I made a friend there. The next day was weigh day and the nurse weighed me on a weird scale that calculated how much you ate the day before? I ate enough to maintain my weight and she was surprised I hadn't gained. The numbers and letters were jumping around on the scale but I didn't REALIZE it was cuz I was dreaming then. I must've been dehydrated bc she sat me down on this bench near this machine WOTH weird coloured liquid inside and grabbed the end of it which looked like a iPhone charger and stabbed it into my leg and started pumping liquid inside of me and it was quite fast tooo because I could feel it entering me and hydrating me THRU my leg but it also hurt and in shock I woke up.