Date: 3/9/2017

By Pippykat6

This is kind of a lucid dream. I was dreaming that we went on a school trip to somewhere. They randomly said okay kids, get in the water! At this pond. The water was clear and the sun was hot, so we did. But there were crocodiles in the water. As I tried to swim to safety, one jumped up and snapped me in half. I could feel a weird tickling sensation when it bit me. Everything went black. Then it faded back to normal, and I was in the spot where the crocodile bit me. But this time I was in a different spot, so I had more time to get to safety. This happened about 4 times, until I finally was on dry land. I think this was lucid dreaming, because your brain made me regenerate and helped me get to land. But now I'm wondering... I got a tickling sensation every time they bit me, and went up from my stomach...I'm beginning to think that it was a spider crawling up my front. 😑