Swimming fun

Date: 1/18/2017

By SkyEyes

Me and a couple of school friends were walking around the school building. We were all kids again. We had gone to the first floor and were walking and suddenly there was a shake which did not seem to be an earthquake but a fun shake, like the ones you see on game shows.. So an opening opened and I pushed each of them to the huge swimming pool underneath. Usually the pool area is the prayer/assembly area. But whoa. It was great as we all started to have fun splashing around. I, then, jumped using this harness and scooted around still holding the harness. And let go at the end of the pool ensuring that the harness and I zoomed up in Spider-Man style up above to the 1st floor.. Whoa. It then shifted to me meeting my sweetheart and reconciling all differences and getting back together.. Haha, nice stuff 👍🏼