Back at job I was fired from

Date: 10/2/2022

By Purple

Although I was fired in real life, from a job recently, I had a dream I had the same bitchy coworker training me in my dream. Everything else was different: the job duties, office layout, and different colleagues than the other ones in real life. Similarly to the one that fired me, the dream had two offices and I was working in the office closest to home. I had to write down which office I was working in each day. This was a frustration to me. Didn’t employer know where my main office was to be? Another frustration was that I had to send a fax with various sized sheets and the last few sheets weren’t going through properly. This happened a few times and I had to start the whole faxing again, sending the same sheets that already seemed to go through with no issues and the final sheets continued to not pass properly. I thought I had it figured out by feeding them individually toward the end. Didn’t work. Then feeding them as a cluster, hoping machine would grab each one. Nope. Then adding them almost fanned out, with a small space between each sheet. Nope. People were trying to tell me what to do, and I was hearing, but not listening. Exactly what happened in real life that got me fired.