Hag of Narnia

Date: 7/3/2017

By elliedione

Okay, in my dream, It was me and my younger sister and my moms best friends son, and another kid, not sure who he is. We kept going up and down the stairs but the stairs looked like the stairs well in my high school. The last stair set led to Some store that sold like hair extensions but also like VANS and stuff. And i new a girl who cut off the Hag of Narnias hair, so I made her buy the Hag extensions. Little did i know the hag was bad. Then Natalie got my moms best friends son to buy her plaid VANS. Next my dream skipped to a shack looking house. Everyone was there, like EVERYONE. Inside and outside. Then the Hag of Narnia came and was threatening she is gonna find one of us to keep as her slave. Everyone started running and she was trying to taser people with a long stick. She finally got YODA from Star Wars and like gave him a new head and made him look SCARY. I next was at my friends house who had a kid and was having her a birthday party and her brother was YODA but she was human. And a ton of celebrities were there like all the one direction people and they all had kids. And like hot guys who all hung out with my older sister and kept telling me I one day they'll like me and love me. Expect some of them tried hitting on me now trying to make me do stuff with them. At the party we weren't suppose to talk about YODA being gone to upset the girls daughter. Somebody printed a sheet of paper out with people saying happy birthday and a bunch of stuff about yoda got on there and she was all upset.