Digital art, In a strange twist of fate, a group of friends find themselves in an out-of-state adventure, checking into a run-down and old hotel that holds a nostalgic charm.

Old hotel

Date: 1/16/2017

By Hikertrash48

All I remember is me and some friends were out of state for whatever reason. So we check into a hotel. It looked run down and old.

AI generated interpretation In this dream, the old hotel represents a specific environment or situation in your life that feels outdated or lacking vitality. It could symbolize a past experience, relationship, or phase you have gone through. By being out of state, it suggests that this situation or aspect is currently distant from your everyday life or usual routines. Checking into the hotel with friends may signify a desire for support or companionship as you navigate this particular area of your life. It indicates a shared experience or understanding among your friends about this outdated aspect. It is possible that they may also have been involved in this situation or can provide insight or advice regarding it. The run-down and old appearance of the hotel expresses a sense of neglect and decay. This could reflect feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction, or disappointment with this particular aspect of your life. You might feel that it no longer serves its purpose or that it lacks the necessary energy to bring about positive change or growth. Overall, this dream suggests that there might be an area in your life that feels stagnant or in need of revitalization. It may be beneficial to reflect on what this outdated aspect symbolizes for you and consider how you can bring fresh perspectives, new approaches, or positive changes to this area of your life. Additionally, seeking support and advice from trusted friends or loved ones could offer valuable insights or guidance to help you navigate through this situation.