Dream 2 pt 2

Date: 8/12/2019

By raccoondad

I'm not entirely sure if this is part of the same dream, but it had a lot of the same elements. As far as the sky and the weird half zombie, half demon things running around trying to kill everyone. I just remember being in a larger place and some people I knew were there. Jul was there, and some kid, Thomas that I went to school with. I only remember being polite with all of them, but this created jealousy for some reason, and they all wanted to kill each other. I figured out at some point that a lot of this was part of someone's sick game. His voice came on loudspeakers, spitting insanity and laughing hysterically, and large doors slowly began to click and then rise, letting in those creatures. Another part of the dream was where those things were in cages and everything was on fire around us, and we were fighting to survive.