toxic gaz (witch)

Date: 3/31/2017

By Perle20

I was back at my old school and i entered a room but it wasn't the room that was supposed to be there. There was in the center a cauldron and a girl was standing next to it. The girl, who was about ten years old and wearing witch clothes, had an assistant, who was a little boy. They were trying to make a potion but they had problems to do it, so i proposed to help them. They agreed and we started making the potion, but we messed the potion up and it started emitting a very toxic gaz. We had to escape from the gaz so we started running down a corridor. I was the tallest so i was faster, but the two kids were only a bit farther than me. Then the corridor became a bit of a slope and the gaz was catching up. I heard the sound of their bodies falling and sliding on the slope a bit, and i knew that the gaz was right behind me. I continued running and saw my brother, who i told to run with me. After a bit, me and my brother ended up at a locker room. We couldn't see the gaz anymore but i knew it was just behind us. My brother wanted to stop and was saying that we were far enough. I said that i was going to continue running, but he decided to hide in one of the lockers (those small things were you hang your coat and stuff). So i continued running and it was the end of my dream