Maggie and movies!

Date: 2/28/2017

By minx5sos

So me and my boyfriend have been together for two years and there is this bitch that hangs around him that i strongly dislike. Don't get the wrong idea my boyfriend doesn't like her and would never cheat on me. Anyways the dream was we were in highschool again playing floor hockey and i was out playing while my boyfriend was standing against the gym wall watching me. Then that bitch Maggie comes over and starts to talk to him and then the bitch has the nerve to slowly drag her fingers down his chest. So i'm heated and run over and ask her whats up and shes babbling on about how she wants him and I just snap and attack her. I start pulling her by her hair and laughing. See im not naturally a violent person until provoked which i think most people are like this. If you mess with my family, friends or relationship its done with i will attack you like a raging squirrel monkey.