The BerenSTEIN Bears and dancing with no choreography.

Date: 3/10/2017

By babybattleaxe

I had a dream that I was actually invited to a party! It was a party with a girl I'm not super close with and she seemed not that happy. There were a bunch of girls that hated each other there and guys too. I slept over and then they said we were driving to a city in GA I forget the name. There was only 5 minutes for me to get ready so I don't think I put makeup on. I went upstairs and girls were getting ready up there. I walked down a staircase, but it ended and I had to slide down a leather slide. While driving there, we stopped at a cvs. They had a lot of makeup there stila, too faced, Japanese makeup, there was so much. I was looking for a catrice liquid camouflage concealer. I found it and was about to buy it when I saw that everyone was outside waiting on me! I left without buying the concealer even though I needed it.-next dream - This was creepy. I think I was at the beach house that my grandparents sold and I was babysitting as there was a crib next to me. I had been watching a show but I forget what it was. And you know how everyone remembers the Berenstein Bears and they're actually spelled Berenstain? The Berenstain bears popped on and it was spelled Berenstein! I thought I needed to take a picture and show that everyone was right all along. Maybe I was lucid for a second? But then I had the weirdest sensation. I was pinned down in my dream by an unknown force and I started shaking. I breathed in really loud 3 times and woke up. I'm not sure if I was shaking in real life or in my dream but it was really scary. -next dream - a roller skating place/arcade that I loved was being sold. I think by close family members. My mom and dad checked it out and wanted to buy it because it was so beloved. I thought I could have my own makeup company.- next dream - I was in a theatre and professional dancers were there. We were doing choreography in our seats. Like Flipping over face down in the seat. Then we went to a dance competition. I danced on stage with the dancers but we hadn't rehearsed so it was bad. Then I apparently had a number with a girl called Little Gus it was about an elementary school crush but Gus was played by a girl? We changed clothes several times during the number but I never remember actually changing clothes. At the end of the number these dancers came on but I pulled through. I thought it was the performance but it turned out this was the rehearsal. Then we got a lot of criticism for the routine like you need to fight more or you need to seem more in love. We didn't have concrete choreography and we needed to sing the song at the same time. At some point the song morphed into "city of stars" from lala land. Then we went backstage and there was a present with a monogram AAA but it was addressed to "abby rolling Stone". I don't know which dream but at some point I went into an ulta and wanted to buy the same concealer as before. I was with my mom and she left me in there and I felt rushed so I didn't buy the concealer.