Aliens and old dogs

Date: 6/18/2017

By Maffiwip

Starts off in my old house, it's Kestrel and I but no one else. I note that it's really quiet and weird. It's morning. The back door is open, which is super weird. I yell for my dog, Simon, and then mutter to myself "of course he's not here he's dead." He did die IRL, so the dream went a bit lucid. However when to close the back door he was there. I have him the biggest hugs! He was just on the leash we kept at the side of the house , chillen. Though still weird cause there was no one around, how did he get there? Dream changes. We live in big mesas surrounded by water, I think there's an alien invasion. I feel calm, though, and I know it's a dream. One of the mesas explodes next to us, and everyone starts panicking. A bunch of people ran off and left their kids behind, my mom (who was not my IRL mom) stayed. She was frantically making food. The front door was smashed down as if people pushed their way through. Mom asked if there were still other kids upstairs, I said yes. I get some tampons and my 3DS (the essentials lol) and we get ready to escape to the main colony (who we find out later are mostly dead because they had a sudden, secret civil war. It's like the end of the world) The alien spaceships are weird. They're weapons are cannons that shoot weird balls of goo, black with yellow/gold outline. They slice through things and disintegrate everything like hot knife through butter. At some point I'm with kestrel on a swing and there's an old friend at the park and we hugs. Simon is there.