Prank call

Date: 6/22/2017

By TwentieToo

I was with my sister sophie and we were in a really nice suv with our dad and one of his friends. We were just driving and listening to some music. On the radio my dad heard someone giving the host a prank call and he decided to do it and says something about clowns killing people and the radio host went, "Fuck off" and hung up. He laughed his ass off for about a minute then tried to pull into the driveway of a really small cabin, but there was a car driving by and my dad got suspicious and started to pull out of the driveway. Then when the car was gone he went back into the driveway and pulled around back where there was this lagoon, with a cliff. He then drove really fast towards the lagoon and we stayed in the air for a couple minutes and we were arguing about why the hell he would do that and he didn't seem to think it was dangerous. Then the car started falling again and then the dream ended. I've had this dream before. I'm in this like research place where I am a test subject. We talk to the doctor about everything and I get in this weird chamber thing that fills up with water after I get in it. And Hagrid from Harry Potter is with me, not in the chamber but showing me around. Then I go to another chamber, but I'm a different girl, and I get in again. Then I'm another girl and get into another chamber. Then I seem to be myself and I'm with my sister sophie and we're still in the weird research place and we go down to this little library/hang out room. We're trying to find something or complete something, it might have to do with a book, I can't really remember. This scene happens a couple times, it repeats itself, like the chamber part. Then it ends.