Spirit Tongue

Date: 2/9/2017

By andrewdreaming

I went to a movie theater like setting with two friends and we watched a movie in a strange building, then while roaming the building, we discovered a beaten up, carnival-like antique store. I got major feeling of spiritual presence like a wrecking ball to my gut. We were browsing and my friend was looking at a gramophone and I found this stuffed bear that had a bright red u-shape mouth with four pointed teeth. The bear's mouth faded in and out of exsistance, red mouth appearing first then teeth, one by one, right to left, gradienting bottom to top. I spoke to the spirits in the shop, they were very strong and there were a lot of them. I told them I was not trying to harm them and I would do anything they needed to help put their souls to rest. I bought the bear and ended up at my aunt's house with my dad. There were a lot of spirits in her house as well, and when I told her she was very surprised. I spoke to them and I told her that I felt them but she did not understand and she was a bit startled by what I had told her. The spirits then responded by knocking on one of the walls to announce their presence four times and she was terrified. I ended up in my school gym and I showed her and other people who were sitting at the gym the teddy bear I had bought and they were amazed at the mouth that would fade in and out of existence. That's about when I woke up.