Lock mispeak/ ocean bidet

Date: 5/15/2019

By xCaligo

I had gotten on to the max with tristen and his mom was there and we somehow got on the topic of locks and I was like My bike doesn’t even have a lock and then I realized that my bike most definitely has a lock that I use with it. I immediately regretted it and I didn’t even get a pity laugh out of my supposed to be joke. I just kinda put my head down and went silent. The other part of my dream I was naked in a beach sitting in the sand and whenever the tide came in it would like wash out my cheeks like a bidet and there would be this brown pool around me for a little while until the waves took it away. It was really strange. Especially because It looked like a class field trip and everyone else is clothed. This seems like a reoccurring theme of me being naked at public events although most of the time I don’t care.